A Vision for Logan City 2020 and beyond

I firmly believe that as a person who wants to have the leadership role as Mayor of Logan City I should be able to offer the residents a progressive forward thinking vision for their city.


I hold an aspirational vision for our city. This vision is based on ideas that can be achieved by ensuring that the community has overarching input into the design of the city that will support us as a community from 2020 and beyond.


The Vision I hold for Logan City is a city that is designed by the community for their Families and Communities. I see the city as Environmental Responsible and Clean as well as being Accessible and Diverse. I also see our city to be one that is Inventive and Imaginative by being Globally Connect, Thriving and Smart.


I also see that our city will be Active and Healthy with environments that will improve the social, economic and physical wellbeing for us all.


The vision I see for our city is one that is for the whole city, not just parts. A vision that will involve and benefit everyone. It is a vision about creating a city that we can all look forward to living in, a city that we always want to come back to, a city that we call home.


I hold and see a the vision for Logan City from 2020 and beyond as follows


“Our city will be a globally connected economic centre with well-established, safe neighbourhoods with environments that are vibrant, prosperous, alive and healthy promoting a superb quality of life, that is inviting and attractive to people from all cultures.”


The vision I see can’t be delivered by me alone, I need you, the community to take ownership of the vision so it can be delivered by working in partnership together.


I love our city, I have called it home for some 44 years and more than anything else I would like to again represent the city as it Mayor. Hopefully you will join me on a journey to design a new city of the future and then all of us will be able to say “We truly love our city!”

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