Key Objectives

My key Objectives for the City

Providing Quality Leadership and Organisational Management

Delivery priorities for this objective:


I will ensure the good governance of the city through ethical leadership of your Council that has at its core, integrity, transparency and accountability and fairness for all.


I will ensuring the good governance of the city through ethical decision making processes that are fully transparent and accountable.


I will ensure that we modernise the Council’s service processes and make them people-centric that encourages greater community participation.


I will work with the elected members, the CEO and senior management of Council to provide professional, strategic and operational management that will further the best interests of the city and the community.

Empowering the City’s Community

Delivery priorities for this objective:


I will ensure that we empower the community by increasing meaningful consultation and encouraging participation in the design of their communities in the future Logan City.


I will ensure that our future city will embrace as core values, inclusion, diversity and accessibility with equal opportunities for all residents.

Enhancing Community Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Delivery priorities for this objective:


I will support and encourage planning in the city that is designed for families, communities and our youth.


I will encourage a city design that will offer its residents a range of accessible lifestyle choices that encourages the pursuit of community health and well-being, that will enhance the quality of life that the community will be able to enjoy throughout the city.

Enhancing the profile of Logan City

Delivery priorities for this objective:


I will continue to enhance the city’s image and visual appearance by developing and enhancing the city’s attributes to revitalise and boost the community’s pride in their neighbourhoods and the city as a whole.


I will encourage the development of a new city energy that will enable us to create a city of the future, one that is vibrant, prosperous, alive and healthy.

Supporting Economic and Employment Growth

Delivery priorities for this objective:


I will work to increase the city’s wealth by establishing stronger links with the business community and all levels of government. Ensure that more, well planned commercial and industrial land is brought to market to help create local jobs for the city’s available workforce.


I will continue to advocate the need for the business and residential communities to have increased access to a high quality broadband and Wi-fi services and the availability to cost efficient transport choices.

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