My Commitments

I make commitments not promises!

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The below commitments are just the start of what’s to come for Logan!

YES! I’m listening to Logan’s community – Your Voice Matters

A NEW WAY FORWARD FOR LOGAN is with commitment, connections and a community led approach.

The very role of council and indeed Mayor, is to represent the city, its people, and make decisions that will benefit the community as a whole – at a social, economic and environmental level. The previous council lost sight of this, and here we are now, a city being run by an administrator.

I will pick up as Mayor where I left off – in full swing and with an honest, humble and hardworking approach.

My Integrity commitments

I commit to the residents that I will deliver the following by ensuring that I will:

  • not accept Donations or Loans during this campaign (this includes donations or loans to or from my Spouse/Partner, dependent children or any family member) refer to signed Statutory Declaration for details.
  • not accept if elected Mayor any Donations or Loans during my term of office (this includes donations or loans to my Spouse/Partner and dependent children)
  • To cap my Campaign Expenditure at a maximum of $15000 for this Mayoral campaign
  • To disclose in Real time all Campaign Expenditure (updated as the expenditure is made)
  • To disclose a full Current Register of Interests (including my Spouse/Partner and dependent children) and update it immediately if there are changes.
  • To disclosure of all current or previous memberships of Political Parties or Industry Associations
  • To limit to a maximum of 120 double sided (10 per Council Division) corflute election signage.
  • To delivery ethical Leadership for the city with Integrity and Vision

My Transparency and Accountability commitments

I commit to the residents that I will deliver the following by ensuring that I will:

  • Deliver Leadership that ensures Transparency and Accountability in Council’s decision making processes.
  • Deliver greater Community Consultation and Engagement by reviewing and updating the Community Engagement Strategy so residents can and will be kept informed about their Council
  • Deliver increased transparency by reducing the necessity of Confidential Agenda items bring deliberated by Council. Council decisions should be made with open debate not in backroom meetings that exclude the community.
  • Deliver live streaming/broadcasting and recording minutes of all Council meetings. (This will ensure greater community access to Council’s decision making process)
  • Deliver fair and unobstructed access to the community to Council meetings and allowing the community to speak on issues directly to the Council. I will do this by requesting a yearly review of Council’s meet practices.

My General Commitments

I commit to the residents that I will deliver the following by ensuring that I will

  • Review the current Global Connection Strategy and in particular the cost and the necessity of all domestic and outbound (overseas) travel delegation of Councillors and council staff.
  • Work with the other elected Councillors to freeze rates and charges for the 2020 year and beyond and review the current rating strategy through the Budget process to reduce waste within Council with all saving to be give back to the Ratepayers as savings to the bottom line of their rates charges.
  • Work with the other elected Councillors to plan for sustainable planning of Residential and Commercial development and remove conflicts identified from the development approval process.
  • Look to increase the maintenance for the local road infrastructure and drains as well as bike routes and the protection of our bushland through the budget process.
  • Look for ways to increase the funding for enhancements to the Community Safety Programs

My Commitment to the City’s Youth

YES! I’m listening to Logan’s Youth – Your Voice Matters

Logan City’s young residents are a vital and important part of our community. Around 40% of Logan residents are 24 or younger, and they are the future of our city. Councils play a key role in the delivery of youth services and should provide opportunities for young people to participate in their community. Logan Council is in a position to offer our youth firsthand experience of being part of a democratic process that delivers real outcomes for the local community.

As Mayor, I am committed to creating a robust Youth Policy that will create an inclusive Logan City in which young people are empowered to voice their ideas and concerns, are listened to, and are recognised for their valuable contribution to the city.

  • I will develop Logan City Youth Policy
  • I will also establish The Mayor’s Youth Roundtable and
  • I will re-establish the Youth Council to take advice and recommendations from our young residents as to how Council can be more supportive of their needs through the city’s budget process.

The aim of this engagement is for the youth of the city in partnership with Council to develop the first Youth Engagement Charter with a set of guiding principles, a Vision and Purpose.

My Commitment to the City’s Seniors

YES! I’m listening to Logan’s Seniors – Your Voice Matters

Logan City’s senior residents are an integral part of our community – in fact, approximately one in three (29%) residents are seniors or pre-seniors in our city. Logan Seniors have helped build our city to what it is today and have a wealth of skills which have been grossly under-utilised. The way in which Council interacts with communities, including our senior’s community, needs to change.

Our City’s seniors should be afforded walkable, affordable, accessible communities with a strong sense of place. Our seniors want and deserve secure housing and safe neighbourhoods that are inclusive and provide a range of transportation choices for their daily needs.

It’s time for a NEW WAY FORWARD FOR LOGAN. It’s time for Change!

  • I will develop a Logan City Seniors Policy
  • I will establish a Mayor’s Seniors Round Table Reference Group.

This work will be designed to build a stronger empowered and engaged senior’s community of our city.


“I want Logan City to be known for new road and housing infrastructure, advocacy for job creation and new services that supports everyone in the community – the young and young at heart.”

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